Weeks 5 & 6: Papers and Prep

Powerpoint Transitions

I missed last week’s update. I’ve been spending time browsing papers and prepping a presentation.

Reviewing papers

There are lots of articles (both scientific and otherwise) lying around on the web. For computer science focused ones, here are some links that are quite useful:

  • dblp – A library of CS papers organised by type and venue.
  • ACM CSUR – Surveys conducted in computer science
  • IEEE Conferences – Systematisation of Knowledge papers are of note

Surveys and SoKs give a good “rounding up” of the state of things in a particular domain of work, and can be an interesting starting point. Of course, they are very specific so of limited use otherwise.

Prepping for Prezzing

Powerpoint Transitions
When the bible talks about avoiding temptation, it’s referring to the dangers of powerpoint

I’ll be attending a SICSA event at the end of the month, where i’ll be demoing, along with my supervisor, a platform I had built that ended up being used and evaluated in a course. The work begins on planning this and setting it all up.

Using Nvivo

As part of the prep for that talk, I’ll be trying to code some responses from students about how they felt interacting with the platform. I’ll be using Nvivo to do this.

Nvivo seems like a good tool for keeping things organised, and has some need auto-coding tools like for sentiment analysis. Unfortunately, it’s closed source and it seems impossible to collaborate on it with anyone. Further investigation of tools like nvivotools will be required.



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