Fotos From France

The Bridge

I was recently on holiday in France. Here I share some of the photos from this.


Le Parmelan

Le Parmelan is a mountain above Annecy. It makes for a very good walk, providing you like a proper hike up. If not, there’s a road which you can take that leads up to the restaurant Chalet de L’Anglettaz.


The city of Annecy is a nice visit. A nice old town with small alleys and canals, with the modern city surrounding it. Access to the lake for swimming, and enclosed in a mountain valley.

Gorges de Fier

Following the Annecy-Aix rail line you can find Les Gorges de Fier. A series of impressive gorges with bridges along the cave sides you can walk along. There is also Monttrottier Castle nearby, if you like to explore old buildings.


Aix is another old city in the region, this one favoured in the past by travelling Victorians for its hot baths. This too is built around a lake and surrounded by mountains.

Animal Picture Tax

Can’t have holiday snaps without some animals. Insects of varying sizes, lizards and cats.

Near Andilly

Around where I was staying (Andilly), there is lots of forest. With waterfalls along the river in the woodland, there is also a “scarecrow park” with some treetop bridges, amongst other attractions.

La Caille

A short drive away there is also Le Pont de la Caille. An old suspension bridge, stretching out over a deep gorge. Quite an experience to walk over.

Vuache & Rhone

The river Rhone passes through this region of France. There are plenty of places to get nice views of it, one in particular is a steep walk up La Vuache.

All Media © Léon McGregor, usable under CC-BY-4.0

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